Safe space

The UN Youth of Helsinki is striving to make all of its events safer spaces. For us, this means that everyone has the freedom to be themselves without a fear of violence, harassment, mockery or discrimination. The goal is to make everyone feel safe, welcome and aware of actions to take when inappropriate behaviour is detected. Maintaining a safer space is a shared responsibility of all event attendees.

In case of experiencing or noticing harassment, you may contact the equality and parity representative of UN Youth of Helsinki by

If the event has a separate harassment contact person, you may inform them about the inappropriate behaviour immediately. A person guilty of harassment or assault will be removed from an event immediately if necessary.

Guidelines for a safer space:

  • The golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Don’t make assumptions about a person, their background, or opinions based on their skin tone, other external characteristics, or speech.
  • Don’t assume a person’s sexuality or gender.
  • Don’t assume everyone to be able to do the same things as you. Don’t assume everyone to be healthy.
  • Since we all still hold prejudice, try to become aware of your assumptions. Respect others past your biases.
  • Don’t embarrass or shame others.
  • Don’t touch others without their permission and respect personal space. Remember that you don’t know someone’s limits before you ask them.
  • Don’t interrupt others and respect what they have to say. Don’t judge.
  • Don’t reproduce racist stereotypes in your speech, actions, or behaviour.
  • Give space – make sure that everyone is able to participate in the discussion.
  • Be respectful when discussing sensitive topics.
  • Don’t criticize someone’s looks.
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