1 § Name and domicile of the association

The name of the association is Helsingin YK-nuoret / Helsingfors FN-Ungdomar rf / UN Youth of Helsinki and is domiciled in Helsinki.

2 § The umbrella organizations of the Association

The association is part of the UN Youth of Finland association.

3 § Purpose and forms of activity of the association

The purpose of the association is:

– to contribute to the realization of the principles and objectives of the United Nations (UN) through activities, especially among young people and students in the Helsinki region

– to promote the goals and activities of the United Nations.

In order to achieve its purpose, the association carries out informational and educational activities by organizing meetings and presentations and the publication of printed matter. The association can cooperate with and join other organizations and join them as a member. In order to support its activities, the association has the right to receive donations as well as implement collections, lotteries and sales after obtaining the relevant permit.

4 § Members

A person who supports the purpose of the association may apply to become a member of the association by notifying of their willingness to the chairperson of the association or to any other board member. If the conditions of membership are met, the members are approved on application by the board of the association, in which case they shall be added in the register of members maintained by the association. The board should keep a list members of the association.

5 § Resignation and removal of a member

A member has the right to resign from the association by notifying the board or the chairperson in writing or by notifying the resignation at the association meeting to be written to the minutes.

The Board may dismiss a member from the association if the member has failed to fulfill the obligations to which they have committed by joining the association. The board may also dismiss a member from the association in the event that the member is significantly involved in proceedings inside or outside the association that damage the association or no longer meets the requirements of the law or the rules of the association conditions of membership.

6 § Entry and membership fee

The annual meeting of the association decides on the amount of the membership fee and the length of the membership fee period.

A member of the association may, if they so wish, pay a voluntary fee to the association in addition to the membership fee contribution. An association may consider a member to have resigned from the association if the member has not paid the membership fee for more than three months after its due date.

§ 7 Board of Directors

The affairs of the association are managed by the board elected at the election meeting, which includes the chairperson, vice-chair, Treasurer and Secretary, 0 to 9 other members and 0 to 4 deputy members.

The term of the Board is a calendar year.

A deputy member does not have the right to vote at a Board meeting when the Board is in full present. If a member is unable to attend, they must declare their absence

the chairperson, who shall then endeavor to obtain an alternate to replace the absent member. The board has a quorum when at least four (4) members of the board or deputy members are present, including the chairperson and vice-chair.

8 § Organs and attendants

The meeting of the association or its board may set up such organs as commissions and working groups as it deems necessary. The meeting of the association or its board may also appoint attendants to assist the board. The jurisdiction of those organs and attendants, the division of activity and other procedures may be specified at the association meeting, or in its approved bylaws.

9 § The rights to sign the name of the association

The name of the association shall be signed jointly by the chairperson and the vice-chair, or either of them together with the secretary or treasurer.

10 §Financial year and activity inspecting

The financial year of the association is the calendar year.

The financial statements must be submitted to the operations inspector no later than three weeks before the annual meeting. The operations inspectors must give their opinion in writing to the board no later than two weeks before the annual meeting.

11 § Annual meeting of the association

The annual meeting of the association is held annually by 15th of February

At the annual meeting

the annual report, financial statements and the opinion of the operations inspectors are presented and the approval of the financial statements is conducted, along with the granting of discharge to the board;

one operations inspector and one deputy operations inspector will be elected for the current year;

decide on the amount of the membership fee and the length of the membership fee period;

the adoption of the action plan and budget; and issues presented in the invitation to the meeting and other issues will be addressed.

12 § Election meeting of the association

The election meeting of the association will be held by 1st of December

At the election meeting

the chairperson, vice-chair, Treasurer and Secretary of the Board shall be elected,

along with up to nine (9) other Board members and up to four (4) deputy members.

Attendants may also be elected at the election meeting.

other issues that may arise will also be addressed.

13 § Orientation of the Board

The Board is responsible for the orientation of the subsequent board.

14 § Convening association meetings

The meeting of the association is convened by the board. The invitation to the meeting must be submitted no later than seven days before the meeting by sending an invitation to the association’s mailing list. The invitation to the meeting must state the place and time of the meeting. The board of the association meets at the invitation of the chairperson or, in his absence, the vice-chair. 

An additional meeting of the association is held when the meeting of the association so decides, when the board considers that there is a reason for it, or when at least one tenth (1/10) of the members of the association shall request it in written form from the board for a matter specifically notified. The meeting must be held within 20 days of the request

15 §Decision making

Each association member has one vote at an association meeting. Decisions are made in a simple way by a majority of the votes cast. In the event of a tie, the chairperson shall have the casting vote – however, in an election meeting the matter is decided by allotting. A decision to change the rules and dissolve the association requires, however, that at least two-thirds of those who took part in the vote supported it.

16 § Amendment of the rules and dissolution of the association

It may be decided by the association to amend the rules and dissolve the association

meeting only if mentioned in the invitation to the meeting. The decision to amend the rules or

dissolute the association must be done by a majority of at least two-thirds (2/3)

of the votes cast.

If the association is dissolved, the funds must be handed over to the Suomen YK-nuoret, FN-ungdom – UN Youth of Finland ry or otherwise used for a purpose that promotes the goals of the association. The destination of the funds will be decided at the meeting deciding on the dissolution. In the event that the association is disbanded, its assets shall be used for the same purpose.

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