International Activities

2009: Peru project

The UN youth of Finland (HYKY) implemented a Christmas gift collection for a Peruvian orphanage with the aim of improving the amenities of the orphanage and educational opportunities by collecting art supplies for the orphanage’s approximately 50 children. We thank Edu-sta oy for the donations. The large donation included paints, chalks, markers, face paints, as well as school supplies such as erasers, repair varnishes, glues, sharpeners, plastic pockets, and more. Especially the face paints were a great success, but also the drawing tools inspired children to make art. Art supplies were distributed at the Christmas party as gifts, but also as “reward for good school success”.

The goods were delivered by a group of political science students from the University of Helsinki on Christmas 2009. They also helped with everyday tasks, e.g. chopping firewood, baking bread and cleaning rabbit cages. A big thank you for the project belongs to them, as well as a special thank you to Edu-sta oy for their donations, and of course to all members of HYKY.

International education project

The international project of HYKY in the spring of 2009 was an international education project that trained school visitors to Russia to spread important information about the United Nations and the millennium development goals. During the project HYKY made contacts with Russian NGOs and compiled a guide to international education and to the UN millennium development goals. The highlight of the project was a training weekend carried out in English, which was attended by both Russian and Finnish students. The project continues in Russia in the form of school visits, and the lessons devised by HYKY reached an estimated 100 Russian schoolchildren in the same spring.

2010: Geneva project

In the autumn of 2010, HYKY implemented a combined international project and study trip to Geneva. During the five-day trip from 26 to 29 October 2010, visits were made to various UN organizations and institutions in Geneva. The aim of the trip was to get acquainted with the activities of the United Nations and the various aspects of its activities.

2010-2011: Israel/Palestine project

HYKY’s international project in 2010-2011 was the Israel / Palestine project “Youth in the Middle East Conflict”. We participated in the UN Youth Year, which began in August 2010.

The project consisted of two parts. In Finland, our project team organized free-form discussions on the topic once a month. Experts in the field, such as human rights observers, Middle-East researchers and the Secretary General of the Embassy of Finland in Israel, were invited to discuss and tell more about the topic. We also organized documentary viewing nights related to the topic. The purpose of the discussions and documentaries was to deepen our knowledge of the conflict and prepare ourselves for the trip on the spot.

The study trip to the Middle East took place in the autumn of 2011 with 15 students. Our trip included several meetings with local actors on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides. We visited several active NGOs, the UNRWA office at the Kalandya Refugee Camp, the Finnish Embassy in Israel, the Finnish Liaison Office in Ramallah, local human rights monitors, and local universities and elementary schools. The purpose of the project was to get acquainted with the thoughts of the local young people about the current situation and thus to get acquainted with their lives and world of experience.

All participants in the project were very satisfied with both the preparations in Finland and the study trip itself. The trip was an eye-opening experience for all of us, bringing a whole new perspective to the situation.

2011: St. Petersburg project

During the spring of 2011, HYKY’s St. Petersburg working group carried out a charity event for the benefit of the St. Petersburg orphanage, thus continuing the cooperation with the Pavlovsk orphanage that had already begun in the previous school year. The Pavlovsk orphanage is an orphanage for about 500 children with intellectual disabilities, located in Pavlovsk just outside St. Petersburg. Funds were raised during the spring, e.g. through support work, fundraising campaigns and sponsors. The project culminated in the working group’s trip to St. Petersburg from 12 May to 15 May 2012. It was a combined charity and a study trip. The purpose was to visit organizations that are in interest of HYKY’s operations, and to get to know local students.

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