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UN Youth of Helsinki, or HYKY ry, is a non-governmental organization founded in 1963, that aims to actively promote the values of the United Nations. Up until the year of 2014, the organization was known as UN association of youth and students of Helsinki.

Throughout the decades the association has done various things – published a journal, been a sponsor for a Russian and an Indian child, raised funds for building a health-care centre in Ecuador, published statements, organized global education visits in primary and secondary schools, set up gatherings for international students of university, and taken part in the Kanttura-project of Finnish Red Cross where cows were donated to Ugandan people. HYKY has organized discussion sessions about intercultural interaction, refugee issues, Finland joining the European Union, human rights, and women’s status in sustainable development, among other things. In addition, HYKY has campaigned for increasing Finland’s development aid and against climate change.

As the world and the Finnish society have changed, our association’s values have remained unchanged. In HYKY we are building a juster and more equal world. We work at a grass-roots level to promote international peace, safety, and human rights.

HYKY ry is a member organization of UN Association of Finland and a politically independent raiser of discussion.

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