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Become a member of UN Youth of Helsinki!

HYKY’s activities are open for anyone who supports our principles and is interested in co-operation! UN Youth of Helsinki has made a change of rules which became effective 5th of April 2021. HYKY held an additional association meeting on 30 September 2021, in which it was decided to introduce a membership fee starting 1st of October 2021.


The annual meeting of the association decides on the amount of the membership fee and the length of the membership fee period.

The membership fee is 1,00 € per 3 calendar years.

The membership fee is a simple way for the organization to check the timeliness of membership every three calendar years. We have wanted to keep the membership fee as low as possible so that it does not become an obstacle for anyone to become a member of the association.

Instructions for paying the membership fee will be sent via email to all our new members.

You can pay a voluntary contribution to the account:

FI 9666 010 0010 08390 / Ålandsbanken. The message should read: KANNATUSMAKSU.

You can become acquainted with our activities by following us on:

Facebook: Helsingin YK-nuorten / UN Youth of Helsinki

Instagram: unyouthofhelsinki

Twitter: @HYKYry

Or by joining our mailing list, which is open to all the members. Through the list, you can easily get information about the activities of HYKY and other interesting events organized by similar organizations. Join the list by sending an email to that only includes the following: subscribe “yk-yhdistys”.

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