Food and Sustainablity – A Visualiziation of Our Study Trip

Inspired by the UN Youth of Helsinki’s study to Rome, the participants gathered  together for a workshop after the trip to discuss the burning questions about food, the future of food, food sustainability and food systems, questions that were left in our minds after our overwhelming study trip.

Following, you will find the work of the participants. We are proud to present what the group learned during this journey, however keep in mind that this outcome is purely the interpretation and visualization of the participants based on all the visits and conversations on the study trip. Enjoy!

You can also check it through Prezi here:


Näyttökuva 2017-12-29 kello 14.00.57Untitled design-1Untitled design (1).jpg-1Untitled design (3)Untitled design (2)Untitled design (1)




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