Transforming our world: Agenda2030


As a part of the Development cooperation week, UN Youth of Helsinki organized a seminar about the Agenda 2030 which was established last year in September. Sustainable development has long been a guiding theme in the work of UN Youth of Helsinki as there has been various seminars, panel discussions and events regarding themes such as climate change, gender equality and responsible consumption. Since the new goals are Universal and binding, we wanted to introduce the Agenda also for bigger audience especially students and also take it to the context of Finland. In the event there were two speakers Anja Karppinen, the communication officer of UNDP Nordic and Pinja Parkkonen a member of Professional Network for Agenda 2030 domestic surveillance committee.

From the left: Daniela Miller, Jenni Sundqvist, Anja Karppinen, Ida Uusikylä, Niklas Vaalgamaa, Pinja Parkkonen

United Nations Development program (UNDP) is the biggest and oldest UN organization and in its core mission is to eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities and exclusion. Karppinen introduced us to the work of UNDP and the Agenda 2030 from the global perspective and shed light to the importance of acknowledging the goals all together instead of focusing on    goals individually. However, UNDP’s work is focused on especially the goals of 1 no poverty, 5 gender equality and 16 peace, justice and strong institutions. All UN organizations highlight the goals according to their agenda.

Pinja Parkkonen, who also is alumni of UN Youth of Helsinki, first introduced the work of UN Youth around the new development goals. During 2014 UN Youth collected information about the opinions of the youth on what do they want from the post2015 agenda, and what are the most important issues in their everyday life? Three answers rose among others, Climate change, Safe environment and inequality. These three goals remain as our mandate to promote the implementation of the Agenda2030. Pinja Parkkonen also introduced the mission of the Professional Network for Agenda2030 domestic surveillance, where she represents the Finnish youth organizations.

UN Youth of Helsinki just ordered bags with the four Agenda2030 goals

In the context of Finland, UN Youth of Helsinki highlights the goals of 5: Gender equality, 10: decreasing inequality, 13: Climate action and number 16: Peace, Justice and Strong institutions. Too often it can be heard that Finland has achieved gender equality. We are concerned about the discourse mentioned, and especially what it does to our society, where unequal structures still exist. One great example is separated labour markets, which costs various of problems such as wage inequality. Therefore, we will focus on the implementation of these particular four goals listed above, and they will play as a guideline of our work for the next few years.

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